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Hogwartle is a word game that combines the Harry Potter series and Wordle. Players act as wizards at Hogwarts, finding words from their spell books and making a wordle with colored tiles. The tiles represent a character, a pet, and a magical creature from the books. The game is online and free, and it helps players improve their vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills. It is also a fun way for Harry Potter fans to test their knowledge and discover hidden meanings in the books. Hogwartle is a game for anyone who loves words and magic.

How to Play Hogwartle

• Use only Harry Potter terms as source and solution word lists.

• Type in five-letter words as guesses.

• See letters turn light yellow or green depending on their presence in the final word.

• Avoid repeating letters in the same word.

• Refer to a Potterverse reference book if you are not familiar with the terms.

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