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Heardle: The Ultimate Music Quiz Game

Heardle is a fascinating and captivating game for music enthusiasts to test their knowledge of music. This game will play you short intros of songs and ask you to identify the artist and title. Heardle features a lot of different genres and decades to suit your preferences. Whether you are a fan of pop, rock, hip-hop, or country or anything else, Heardle is sure to never let you down. 

How to play the Heardle?

Playing Heardle is rather simple if you want to take the plunge and embrace your next big internet addiction. Its great integration with Spotify gives players access to a huge music store. Let's see the guide to playing the Heardle below:

The first step is to click the Play button to get started with the Heardle. You will get the song's introduction for one second.

If you are confident with your answer, let's enter the music in the search field. Curious, if you are uncertain, simply press S.k.i.p to hear more of the song. Even if you make an incorrect guess, you will still advance and unlock more of the music.

To pick the song on the second try, you are given two seconds, four seconds, seven, eleven, and eventually sixteen seconds. You will lose the game if after your sixth guess, you still don't have the correct answer.

Finally, don't forget to share your perfect result on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as other online services like WhatsApp or Discord. Enjoy this fun game and good luck!

What unique features make Heardle outstanding

•  A huge selection of songs spanning many genres and decades.

•  An easy-to-use interface that enables you to start playing with just a few taps or clicks.

•  A quick and accurate scoring system.

•  A social media integration that enables you to challenge your friends and share your results. 

Wish to win easily? Check out our great Tips

Here are some precious tips you should keep in mind if you wish to play better and win the Heardle easily:

•  Pay close attention to the beginning of the song and try to identify the melody, rhythm, instruments, or voices.

•  If the question is too difficult, don't be afraid to use hints. However, you should also limit yourself because they will lower your score.

•  Improve your musical expertise by attempting to play music from other genres.

•  Consistently practice and learn from your errors. 


Q: Is Heardle only once a day?

A: Heardle only occurs once daily and is released in the US at midnight each day. You can see how much longer you have to wait by checking out the countdown timer on the website for the upcoming song. 

Q: Is there a Heardle Unlimited?

A: The fact that there isn't an official Heardle Unlimited

Q: Is Heardle free to play?

A: Yes, it is completely free and you can play online without needing to download. 

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