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PokeDoku is a fun word guessing game that tests players' knowledge of Pokémon and their skill to choose a set of 9 unique Pokémon that match a specific set of characteristics. The game is inspired by the popular Sudoku puzzle, but with a Pokémon twist. PokeDoku combines Pokémon trivia and puzzle-solving in a delightful way.

How to Play and Rules

Here are the main mechanics and rules:

• Fill a grid with 9 boxes with 9 different Pokémon

• Match the Pokémon to the characteristics of each puzzle

• The characteristics can be types, evolutions, generations, or other traits

• No duplicate Pokémon allowed

• Pick Pokémon that fit the criteria, e.g., Water-type Pokémon from Johto

• Enjoy a new puzzle every day, from easy to hard

Key Features

Daily Challenges: The game offers a daily dose of Pokémon-related challenges, making it a great way for players to check and improve their Pokémon knowledge.
Strategic Thinking: Players have to think strategically and critically to pick the best combination of Pokémon that meet the puzzle's criteria.
Pokémon Education: PokeDoku helps players to learn more about the different Pokémon, including their types, evolutions, generations, and other characteristics.

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