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Wherdle is an engaging and interactive game that challenges players to guess the mystery location of the day in just 5 turns. This captivating game not only tests your geographical knowledge but also provides a unique twist by offering directional clues after each guess.

How to Play Wherdle:

Guess the mystery place of the day within 5 turns.

Enter your location guess and await feedback on how close or far you are from the correct place.

Receive feedback on your guess, indicating the distance from the correct location and the direction you should be heading.

All images featured in Wherdle are sourced from the vibrant community at Travellerspoint.

If you enjoy the game and share a passion for travel, consider joining the Travellerspoint community for more interactive experiences.

Wherdle not only challenges your geographical acumen but also connects you with a community of fellow travelers. Explore the provided clues, and venture through a captivating journey of discovery in this innovative game.


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