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Star Wordle

Star Wordle combines the excitement of Star Wars with the engaging gameplay of Wordle, offering fans a daily dose of galactic word-guessing fun. Each day, players are presented with a new Star Wars-related secret word.

Star Wordle Gameplay:

Star Wordle taps into the extensive Star Wars universe, using any five-letter word from Wookieepedia as the secret word of the day.

Similar to the classic Wordle game, Star Wordle challenges players to guess the secret word by proposing five-letter guesses within six attempts.

As in Wordle, the game provides feedback through green and yellow indicators.

  • Green letters signify correct letters in the correct position.
  • While yellow letters indicate correct letters in the wrong position.

With over 14,000 words in the Wordle Star Wars dictionary, players can explore a wide range of terms spanning movies, TV shows, comic books, video games, and books.

Adding an extra layer of creativity, players can use numbers as clues for droid-related elements, enhancing the Star Wars-themed guessing experience.

May the words be with you!

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