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Semantle is a unique word-guessing game that challenges players to decipher the meaning of a secret word through semantic similarity rather than traditional spelling. The game leverages Word2vec to measure the closeness of words in the context of news articles, adding a layer of depth to the guessing experience.

How to Play Semantle:

  • Guess a word, any word, and Semantle will assign a semantic similarity score, ranging from -34 to 100, indicating how closely it aligns with the secret word's meaning.
  • Pay attention to case sensitivity, as the game considers proper nouns and is case-sensitive in its evaluation. However, if your word matches the secret word but for case, you still score a win.
  • Keep an eye on the "Getting close" indicator, which informs you if your word is among the 1,000 nearest normal words to the target word.
  • Discover the rank to gauge your proximity or know you're "cold" if your word doesn't make the cut.
  • Embrace the challenge of a new word every day, with the game resetting at midnight UTC or 7:00 in your local time.

Prepare for an ongoing linguistic adventure that keeps you guessing and exploring the vast semantic landscape.

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