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Plotwords is a puzzle game that is inspired by the popular word-guessing game Wordle. In the game, your task is to guess a hidden movie title. The ultimate goal is to find the movie within 10 attempts. With each wrong guess, you are provided with clues about the movie. This is a great choice for a group of friends and family in free time. You should try to find the answer as soon as possible. 

How to Play

Did you know how to play Plotwords? Here's how:

You are provided with one clue right at the first guess.
Type a movie title that is related to the clue into the box and press Enter.
If the answer is correct, you win.
If the answer is incorrect, you are provided with one more clue.
Connect the given clues to find a possible movie.
Repeat the above step until you find the answer.
The later you go, the more clues you will be given. However, this is not encouraged. The game appreciates those who find the hidden movie with fewer revealed clues. 

Hope you enjoy the game. Have fun!

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