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Phrasle is a word game that is inspired by the famous puzzle game Wordle. It comes with the same gameplay: you have to solve the puzzle within six attempts. However, instead of trying to find a word as in Wordle, your task in this game is to reveal a phrase containing several words. You have to go step by step to find hidden words and letters to win at the end. 

Each day, there is only one puzzle released for all players in the world. Therefore, it is so funny to show off your result to arouse the curiosity of other players.

How to Play Phrasle Game

Enter any phrase in the text box and press Enter. The game will show you clues in the form of colored tiles that indicate how well your guess matches the hidden phrase.

A green tile means that the letter is in the hidden word and in the correct position.

A yellow tile means that the letter is in the hidden word but not in the correct position.

A gray tile means that the letter is not in the hidden word at all.

The game end once you solve the phrase or you use up the allowed tries.

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