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Missing 11

Are you a fan of football? Are your memories of football matches good enough? In Missing 11, you have to guess a team of 11 players who participated in a specific football game from the past. The game is a Wordle spin-off but comes with more challenging gameplay. It may be preferred by football fans. The game is free to play on this website. Are you ready to solve the puzzle?

How to Play Missing 11

1. Access this page to play the game online.

The game will show you the formation and the numbers of the 11 players who started the game. Some pieces of relevant information are also provided. 

2. Click on their number and type the name of the football player.

A green tile shows that your guess is correct.
A yellow tile shows that your guess is partially correct.
A red tile shows that your guess is wrong.

3. You have six chances to guess each player.

The game will end when you guess all 11 players or when you give up.

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