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Mathler is an engaging and challenging game that tests your mathematical prowess in a fun and interactive way. The objective is to uncover the hidden calculation within six guesses, making it a thrilling exercise for both math enthusiasts and casual players.

How to Play Mathler:

Attempt to deduce the hidden calculation within six guesses.

After each guess, observe the color changes of the tiles to gauge your proximity to the solution.
Green Tiles: Correct numbers in the correct positions.
Orange Tiles: Correct numbers but in different positions.
Gray Tiles: Incorrect numbers.
Additional rules add complexity and strategy to the game:

Numbers and operators may appear multiple times in the solution.

Prioritize division (/) or multiplication (*) over subtraction (-) or addition (+).

Different arrangements of numbers and operators that yield the same result are accepted.

Commutative solutions will be automatically rearranged to the exact solution.

Start a mathematical journey with Mathler, combining logic and deduction to unravel the hidden calculation within the given constraints.

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