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Incredibox is an entertaining music game that you can play with some simple moves. Your task in the game is to create your own sound by dragging and dropping music icons. This is a chance to show your creativity while having a relaxing moment. You can also get some hot bonuses to progress as well as integrate a ranking in the game. 
Incredibox allows players to experience various atmospheres of music, especially pop, hip-hop beats, electro waves, and more.

How to Play

  • Do you know how to play this game? It's simple; check it out to be able to play this interesting game:
  • Use your mouse to drag and drop the sound icons onto your desired avatars. The avatars will start singing right after that. 
  • Try to find the appropriate combos to unlock some features for your music improvement.
  • Save as soon as you find the sound nice. You will get the link to it.

Hope you enjoy the game. This is a great choice for music lovers to relax after hard hours. Save this page to play Incredibox online for free. 

Have fun!


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