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Artle is a puzzle game that challenges players to unravel the mystery of famous artists with just four attempts. The objective is simple yet engaging: guess the artist's name correctly within the limited tries. As you dive into the game, each guess is crucial, and a red 'X' signals an incorrect answer, urging you to think strategically and refine your choices.

Key Features of Artle:

Improve your art knowledge by attempting to guess the artist's name in four tries.

Type the artist's name in the search field and click submit to unveil whether your guess is correct.

A red 'X' indicates an incorrect answer, prompting you to reassess and try again.

With each incorrect guess, you're presented with a different work of art, providing visual clues to aid your deduction.

Pass a series of challenges.

Artle serves as an enjoyable and educational game, enhancing your familiarity with renowned artists.

Artle transforms the exploration of art into an interactive and entertaining challenge. Can you decipher the artist behind the masterpiece? Take on the challenge, refine your art expertise, and enjoy the journey of artistic discovery in Artle.

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