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Shikaku Game

Shikaku is a fun logic puzzle game that lets you show your puzzle-solving skills. With a simple premise and daily challenges, it offers an addictive and intellectually stimulating experience. Shikaku is a game that will challenge you to think logically and creatively, as you try to divide the grid into perfect pieces. The game features the elegant and minimalist design, as well as the soothing and relaxing music.

In Shikaku, you'll encounter straightforward rules that lead to complex and rewarding puzzles. Your primary objective is to divide the rectangular grid into smaller rectangular and square pieces. Each piece you create must meet two fundamental conditions. First, each piece must contain exactly one number, which indicates the area of the piece. Second, each piece must be a perfect rectangle or square, with no gaps or overlaps. You have to use your logic and intuition to find the optimal solution for each puzzle. Are you ready?

How to Play Shikaku Game

• Ensure that each piece you draw contains only one number, which indicates the area of the rectangle or square.

• Match the area of the rectangle or square you draw with the number in it.

Enjoy it!

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