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Heardle 70s

Heardle 70s is a Heardle clone that allows you to listen to songs from the 1970s once each day. Similar to the other Heardle games, the Heardle 70s also requires you to forecast a new piece of music every day rather than guess a word. You simply need to guess the song exactly six times while listening to music being played. The Heardle 70s response shows the remaining time for the next song. Following that, it will have an option to share your impressive result on social media.

How to play the Heardle 70s?

  • When you initially get started to play the Heardle 70s, you need to press the Play button to hear a sample of the music. You are free to listen to the song as often as you wish. If you are confident with your answer, you can make a song's artist or title prediction right after hearing the first intro.
  • Listen to the introduction and then choose the right 70s song from the list.
  • Then, the introduction is more apparent in missed or unsuccessful attempts.
  • You need to guess the song correctly a maximum of six times if you don't want to lose.
  • Share your score after completing the question in the fewest number of trials possible. 

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