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Dribble game is a fun game for those who are the fans of NBA. It is inspired by the word game Wordle, but features the knowledge of basketball. Each player in Dribble game has to connect two NBA players by linking together up to six shared teammates of them. The game tests how well NBA supporters know about their favorite sport.

How to Play

Here is a guide on how to play Dribble game:

  • Your goal is to guess the name of a teammate of the current player.
  • You have to type each guess in the box on the screen.
  • You win if the teammate has also played with the ending player.
  • If the previous guess is incorrect, you have to guess another teammate of him.
  • You are also provided with the hint support, which is of help when you are stuck.
  • All players in the world have the same puzzle each day. The next day will come a new one.
  • Remember that you have six attempts to connect the starting and ending players.
  • The game will end once you solve it or you use up the allowed tries but not solve the puzzle.

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