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Dordle is a word game that is based on Wordle, but with a twist. While in the Wordle game, you must correctly guess one word, when playing the Dordle, in order to move further, players must guess two words simultaneously. 

For Wordle game fans looking for a breath of fresh air, there seems to be no better choice than Dordle. When comparing the difficulty level to Wordle, it is a fantastic improvement.

You have to guess two five-letter words at the same time, using the same set of letters. You have seven tries to find both words, and you get color clues after each guess. Green indicates that the letter is correct and in the proper place, yellow indicates that the letter is correct but in the incorrect location, and gray indicates that the letter is incorrect. 

Tips for Dordle game

Dordle offers useful gameplay techniques that make it easier for players to win the game. For instance, the way color suggestions are given on the virtual keyboard to provide you a visual representation of your progress in each grid.

Dordle is a simple game to win anywhere with the appropriate approach and shrewd moves. Like your first words on Wordle, your familiarity with the occurrence of letters is crucial in reducing the overall number of movements required to decipher even hidden terms.

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